Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Tidying Up: Day 2

So today the KONMARI method suggests moving to bottoms. Once again, I had a plethora.
Not as bad as tops. Look! You can see the big brown dog!

I actually found it harder to get rid of pants, than it was to get rid of tops. I was shocked! Most of my dress pants for teaching are from Ann Taylor Loft, aka teacher clothes mecca. Since battling cancer, my body did not quite bounce back the same way as before, and therefore, pants that used to fit me perfectly, pull in some areas and are looser in others. The pants are so nice, I just hated to part with them. You know, fully lined, cute patterns, etc. It seems the current pants I've bought at Loft, are not made with such care. I can't find a single pair that are lined anymore either.

Two bags and a happier me later, I was finished. I still can't get over how many pairs of jeans I owned. I also chose to store my jeans in a drawer for the first time ever. They all fit, and they all have their own space. No more storing them on the rack at the top of my closet with dividers between each stack. I mean how many times did they have to fall down before I could see it wasn't working. I also still can't get over that I still have all 4 seasons worth of clothes in my closet and drawers with room to spare. Tomorrow we will tackle dresses, suits, and coats.
I know, I still own 11 pairs, but some are boot cut, some are skinny, some are cropped, etc. And don't even get me started about the different colors and washes. 
On a side note, last night when my favorite guy got home, I convinced him to join me in this tidying adventure. We started with his tops, and let me tell you, I wish I had taken a picture, because his stack looked comparable to mine. I will never buy the guy another golf shirt as long as we live. I couldn't believe how many I pulled out of his closet. He just started a new job about two months ago, and is now required to wear a tie everyday. So that played a major decision into weather or not it brought him joy.

One thing we did come to blows on, were shirts that brought him joy, but definitely did not bring me joy. In fact some were over 10 years old, ripped and pilly (Is that a word?), but he still kept them. And don't even get me started on the t shirts that are so old and worn, I could hold them up and see through them. In the end, we came to a compromise, which actually worked well. We had a lot of laughs, and my guy is still stunned at how much space he has now. I couldn't get him to buy into the KONMARI folding methods, but he made HUGE progress.

Bag Count:
Me= 4
My Guy = 1

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