Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Tidying Up: Day 3

Today I tackled dresses, suits, evening wear (not a lot of that going on here), and jackets/coats. Not as much in my pile in this area.
I think the the big brown dog is over this tidying up stuff every day. Just wait until we get to his toys ; )

It seems to be getting easier to decide what brings me joy and what doesn't. In fact , as I am sorting one category, I am noticing things in other categories that definitely don't bring me joy lying around the house. I am fighting the urge to dispose of those items because the KONMARI method says to stick to the category order. I noticed on Monday it took me 2 hours to tidy up my tops, but each day it is getting much quicker. Today and yesterday took less than an hour. This is progress.

After reading her whole book, there are still a few things that I feel she is a little wacky about in her ideas. The whole greeting your house thing when you arrive home, yeah I don't see myself talking to my house, but hey if it works for some people, great! I also don't agree with emptying my purse every night. I guess it would help my purse from getting cluttered. I am not someone that changes her purse every day to match my outfit. Perhaps in Japan they do, or if you have an abundance of money and purses you do, but for me, who locks her purse up in a teacher cabinet all day, not worth the effort.

My guy bailed last night on his joy. It is much easier for me to tidy up when I am not working right now (Ahh, the glamorous life of a teacher). We didn't get home until 8:30 last night, and he didn't have the energy to organize anything. He promises me he will tackle his categories another night. 

Bag Count:
Me: 5
My Guy: 1

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  1. I'm married to Mr. Clean so feel like our bag count would be the opposite of yours : )