Friday, July 17, 2015

Tidying Up: Day 5

Well one week down and what progress I have made! Today I tackled socks, underwear, bras, and pajamas. I didn't start off so great since someone adorable kept stealing the socks off my bed. He is lucky he is so cute!

When you are reading Marie Kondo's book, there is a whole section on socks. I literally laughed out loud.

 Treat your socks and stockings with respect
Never ever ball up your socks
This should be a time for them to rest
Do you think they can get any rest balled up like that?

Who knew my socks were under so much pressure! I thought being a teacher was stressful, apparently the life of a sock is very tense. Ha! This was one part of the book where I thought she was off her rocker, but once again she proved me wrong. Not because I think my socks need to rest, but because her way of storing socks saved SO much space. I was actually able to fit my socks, bras, and underwear all in one drawer. 

The KONMARI way also says to place light colored items in the front of your drawer and darker colored items in the back. In your closet, it should be heavier items on the left and light items on the right. I have yet to organize my drawers by color, but that could be something I do later on-not an urgent task in this process.

My closet and my drawers are all organized now. Every piece of clothing I own, has a specific place, and I still have room in my closet, and a whole unused drawer in my dresser. What?! I KNOW! 

This weekend's agenda? Shoes, Books, and Papers, oh my!

Bag Count:
Me: Still 6
My Guy: Still 1
Trash Guy: Still 2 ( I jammed a little more into the one from yesterday. No one wants used socks, underwear, or bras donated...yuck!)

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