Thursday, July 16, 2015

Tidying Up: Day 4

So today was supposed to be socks and underwear. I switched it with tomorrow's task because I'm not equipped to organize those drawers with out smaller boxes to place the items in at the moment.  The KONMARI method does not want you to buy any storage organizers, but simply use shoe boxes or boxes you already have to help organize your belongings. Now as an addict of the Container Store and all things Bed Bath and Beyond, I was once again skeptical. But she proved me wrong again! I have organized my drawers so easily just using boxes. I did purchase one clear three compartment bin for $7.99 at TJ Maxx but I will explain that in a second.Sorry KONMARI gods!

Today I decided to tackle accessories: bags, purses, belts, scarves, and bathing suits. I definitely bit off more than I could chew. Today's joy took me over 2 hours! I am very pleased with the results.

On the top shelf I have my purses. I used my last Stitch Fix box to organize my clutches and smaller handbags. I will probably cover it later with cute wrapping paper to make it more appealing, but for right now it works.  I used one clear three slotted bin for slips, tights, and leggings. It fits right on my top shelf. I used to have these items in a drawer. It was chaotic and when I tried to find tights to wear I would inevitably have to pull out everything in the drawer to find them. I think it was $7.99 well spent.

My closet isn't big so I couldn't get everything in the picture, but on the left is all my fall and winter clothes, divided by my sorter in the middle(already owned this item), then on the right is my spring and summer clothes. I use my sorter in the center to lay my clothes out for the week when I'm working. I find it easier for me if I plan out Sunday night what I am going to wear because I am not a morning person. Some people would disagree with me because I usually am one of the first cars in the parking lot at work, but for the first hour I am up, I am not a functioning adult. The sorter worked well for me this past year, but I'm worried I might just start piling things in it. So I may just take it down and use it in our future nursery (still praying). 

Best thing about tidying up so far, the EXTRA space. I have a whole rack in my closet I am not using plus two more shelves at the top of the closet. The KONMARI method states that all of your belongings should be able to fit in the storage you already have, so we will see what next week brings. I may use my top racks for photos and memorabilia. Items that bring me joy that I don't need to see everyday. 

My next huge accomplishment today was tackling my scarves! I love wearing scarves, but ugh storing them is miserable. I bought a scarf organizer, but it only held 12 scarves. Needless to say, it wasn't working for me. I perused online for different ideas and saw one that used something I already owned...FROM COLLEGE! It works perfectly! I can still see every scarf and each one has its own space. How easy will it be to put a scarf away after I wear it? Brilliant!

The dog really likes my old organizer. I'm not going to donate it yet, because maybe it to will have a different purpose.
Total Bag Count:
Me = 6 bags
My Guy = 1 bag (He still promises to catch up)
Trash Guy = 2 bags

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